Who were Viking Berserkers-Ulfhednar?

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Who were Viking Berserkers-Ulfhednar?

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The meaning of the vikings symbol of rage and drugs


The Berserkers were a cult of warriors who worshipped Odin and who, under the influence of drugs, mead and mushrooms, possessed an uncontrollable fury. It should also be noted that these fierce fighters also praised God Tyre and that they would even be the result of its creation.

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The profile of the Berserker, the Viking warrior


They were dressed in bearskin to frighten the little people who feared wild animals and howled by hitting their own shields.
These fierce warriors were apparently insensitive to pain until their madness disappeared. In their rage, they even attacked the rocks and trees of the forest, and it was common for them to kill each other.



The names of the most bloody Viking warriors (berserker)

In the 14th century saga of Hrólf Kraki, the names of some of the warriors sent by King Hrolf Kraki to King Adils to fight Ali the Uppish are mentioned:

  • - BEIGUD
  • - HIALTI
  • - VESETI
  • - VOT

Note: The meaning of the name Berserkers is in English, "Bear Sark": the bear's chest. There is another possible etymology: "Bärsärk" (Swedish spelling) would come from "bara särk" (which has only one shirt) because the berserkers were fighting without protection.


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