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Thor Hammer

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The Thor Hammer


In Nordic mythology, Mjöllnir is the short-handled hammer of the thunder god of thunder and thunder. Thor's hammer is the most powerful weapon of the gods, and symbolizes the protection of the universe from the forces of chaos, including the giants, the gods' greatest enemies, who are regularly massacred by Thor with his hammer.


Mjöllnir pendants were used during the German-Nordic era as a symbol of faith in the Germanic gods, as opposed to crucifixes worn by Christians. Mjöllnir pendants are currently popular in circles, including neopian movements. It is always in the service of the Ásatrúars and is even the symbol of the Ásatrú religion. The object itself is relatively famous, and is found as a symbol in heraldry, and is regularly a source of inspiration or reference in popular culture, literature, video games and television. But the Mjöllnir has a deep symbolism other than its use as a simple pendant.


  • The creation of the thor hammer

But above all, a short presentation of Mjöllnir. Mjöllnir is Thor God's fabulous weapon forged by the dwarves is able to return to the hand of his pitcher. Its power is so great that it is impossible to manipulate it without using the god's gloves (járngreipr) and belt (megingjord). Mjöllnir was made by two dwarves, Brokk and Eitri, the same dwarves who were previously the creators of the golden hair of the goddess Sif, wife of Thor, the Skidbladnir ship of the god Frey, and the lance of God Odin Gungnir.


Gungnir was the most powerful weapon ever made by the dwarves, Thor asked for another, but the god Loki bet with him that the dwarves did not have the wisdom to make one, even more powerful than Gungnir for Thor. But it seems that Loki will lose his bet in the making of dwarves. In order not to lose his bet, Loki metamorphosed into a fly to stop the dwarves' work, but nothing stops them, the hammer is made. Brokk and Loki take the objects to the Ases to decide which objects are the most fabulous. The Ases decided that Mjöllnir was the most fabulous object, only one defect: his handle was rather short. The dwarf answers this, that a fly comes to bite him to distract him, that's why the handle of the hammer is rather short.

  • The powers of the hammer or thor

Not only related to the fight, Mjöllnir was also the one who caused the rain, a rain that fertilized. Thor is then by his weapon, also a god of fertility and fertility. Mjöllnir causes storms, which cause rains on the world of agriculture and working the land. The Thrymskvida tells us about an important detail of the wedding ceremony. We then learn that during the wedding ritual, the hammer had to be placed on the future wife's lap. The power of fertility is then invoked for the rite of marriage, and this power of fertilization was to be transmitted to the future wife. On the northern rock engraving known as Hällristningar, which dates back to the Bronze Age. It shows the union of a couple symbolized by one of the oldest kisses in archaeology. Above the couple is a God with an axe consecrating the union of the couple. In this very old representation of a wedding ceremony, we can see the prototype of the god Thor consecrating the union of the couple by the power of his hammer. Indeed, before he had his hammer, Thor's weapon was an axe.

Today, Mjöllnir is the symbol of Ásatrú's faith. But it is very popular in other neopian circles, also in metal music circles, especially Viking metal. It is also found in popular culture, such as films and series.

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