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Name of Famous Vikings

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The Viking series brought to the fore the Scandinavian tribes that marked Europe from the 8th to the 11th centuries. While England has been one of the main theatres of their combat agility, they have also demonstrated their ability to extend beyond Europe's borders.

Who are the Vikings?

The Vikings are Scandinavian tribes from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. They are known for their business knowledge and military success. History holds back their violence, their savagery and the destruction of numerous monasteries and abbeys.

They spoke in Old Norse and the name Vikings came from Old Norse Vika which means adventurers. This name would mean "Adventurers of the sea".

Reasons for the expansion of the Vikings

One of the main reasons for their expansion is their population growth. The latter pushed them to seek new territories to colonize. The German law in action also pushed the cadets into exile for the status of king of lands and lands.

According to experts, the expansion began on 8 June 793 with the looting of the monastery located on the English island of Lindisfarne. During the latter, they fill holds, slaves, precious metals, works of art, etc.. This expansion stopped in 1066 when Harald Hardrada said that the Ruthless died at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

The legacy of the Vikings

The Vikings made expeditions that took them east of Baghdad, west of North America and south of England to France and Africa.

They left a material legacy of many armoury and navigation works. They have also developed legends, gods and an art of speech that inspire cinema and the literary universe.

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