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The complete list of the best Viking Movies

by Raid Commander May 05, 2020


To better understand and discover the secrets of Viking culture, there's nothing like sitting on your couch, next to a fireplace (to respect the clichés) and enjoy a moment out of time, watching one of the best movie on the Vikings, among our selection ...

Discover The complete list of the best Viking Movies

Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh 

Judging by the Thor: Ragnarok teaser, how do you think that the ...

Son of Odin and God of Thunder, Thor is exiled to Earth after betraying his father's trust. Straight out of the Marvel universe, Thor is a funny and effective action-adventure movie.

The Silent Warrior - Valhalla Rising , directed by Nicolas Winding Refn 

Valhalla Rising – Review | TheStepOver

 One-Eye, a mute warrior embarks on a Viking ship with Are a young child to discover an unknown and mysterious land. A thrilling adventure film featuring one of the most savage and violent people in history.

Dragons , directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders 

The Best Dragon Movie EVER MADE. - Alec Longstreth Blog

Dragons is an animated film, at the time when Vikings and dragons are at war. Young Harold is the one who will cause trouble in his village when he rescues a dragon.

The 13th Warrior, directed by John McTiernan...

Jerry Goldsmith & Graeme Revell - The 13th Warrior (The Scores ...

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan becomes one day the 13th warrior of a Viking army that according to a prophecy will be able to save the village of Lord Rothgar. A breathtaking adventure film, punctuated by battle scenes of pure aesthetics.

Outlander, the Last Viking, directed by Howard McCain...

Trailer du film Outlander, le dernier Viking - Outlander, le ...

Between action film and science fiction, Outlander takes us into the epic story of Kainan, a young man from outer space who tries to help a group of Vikings fight against the terrifying Moorwen.

 The Legend of Beowulf, directed by Robert Zemeckis

Videoman fait son cinéma: La légende de Beowulf

This film with breathtaking special effects takes us back to the time of the famous Viking warrior Beowulf, who saved King Hrothgar and his subjects from a terrifying creature.


Raid Commander
Raid Commander

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